Invitation Checklist

  1. Invitations: Order correct quantity of invitations.  It is very costly to order an additional 25 at a later date.  Make sure that you are counting invitations and not number of persons.  Each invitation could theoretically be for 2 or more people.
  2. Make sure the invitation copy includes the time, place, address and date of the ceremony.
  3. Choose your ink color.  You may want to coordinate the color with your bridesmaid’s dresses or theme.
  4. Choose your lettering style.  You can use a uniform style and font size for the entire invitation or use one style and a larger font size for the bride and groom’s names.  Another option is to use two different typestyles, one for the body and one for the bride and groom’s names.  This is called combination lettering.
  5. Consider a colored liner for the inner envelopes if available.  Each invitation will have the colors that are available for that particular invitation listed on the page.
  6. Decorative bows and wraps can be added to many of the invitations.  Ask our personnel to check it out for you if you are interested.
  7. Return addresses printed on the invitation outer envelope flap, is a good way to insure that mail will be returned to you if undeliverable.  If not printed, you would have to handwrite each one.
  8. Consider Kwik-Seal self-sealing outer envelopes if available for your invitation.   This saves time and hassle.
  9. Many beautiful envelope seals are available to enhance the look of your invitation.  Check out our options.
  10. Reception Cards.: Know the full name and address of your reception venue and the correct time.  If you are having your reception at the same place as your wedding, you may not have to order a separate reception card.
  11. Reply Cards: Decide on a date for your reply cards to be returned to you.  Most venues want to know the final count one to two weeks before your wedding date.  Give yourself an extra week or two before their date in order to have enough time to call the people that haven’t responded as of yet.
  12. Choose the name and address to be used on your reply envelopes.
  13. Thank You Cards: Order your informals or Thank you notes at the same time as your invitations.  This way after your wedding you will be ready to get your Thank you cards out right away.   Some brides address their thank you envelopes at the same time that they address their invitation envelopes.  Half of the job is already finished!
  14. Order a proof of your wedding invitation.  The cost is usually minimal but  it is  well worth the cost. This way you are able to see the typestyle and layout before they are actually printed.  If it is not to your liking, you can always make a change and then see another proof until you are satisfied.
  15. Additional Accessories make your special day a success: