Invitation FAQS

How many invitations should I order?

The best thing to do is to count your guest list by couples.  Remember, only one invitation is required for all married couples, families and single people.  Schank’s suggest that you take your count and add 25 invitations to that.  This way, you have extras in case of addressing mistakes, forgotten guests and a few for keepsakes.

When should I order my wedding invitations?

Schank’s suggests that you order your invitations at least 4 months before you want to mail them.  This way there is plenty of time to fine tune your list and address your invitations.

Once I order my wedding invitations, how long do they take to produce?

Our typical turnaround time for wedding invitations is 2-3 weeks.  Wedding invitations can be expedited for an extra cost.  Please call or email (link) for details.

When should I send my wedding invitations to my guests?

Schank’s recommends that your Wedding invitations be in the mail 6-8 weeks before your wedding date.

How should I word my invitation?

Schank’s has samples that include traditional wording along with contemporary wording styles.  But brides do not have to adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to wording.  It’s your day and we can help you find the wording that suits you and your partner!

How do I address my wedding invitations?

Most invitations include 2 envelopes.  The inner envelope may be lined or unlined and does not have glue on it.  This envelope is for the purpose of keeping the invitation envelope clean and for enclosing the invitation and any accessory cards.  The outer envelope does have glue and is used for the address.  It should include a return address on the back flap.

Outer Envelope:

Use the guest’s full name along with their complete address. Use black ink and spell everything out, including Street, Road, etc. along with the state.  Do not use “and family”.  Do not use “and guest”.  Nicknames and abbreviations should be avoided.  The only exception would be Mr., Mrs., Dr., Jr., etc. and military rank.  Please make sure to use zip codes.

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

100 Main Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19000

Inner Envelope:

Do not use first names or addresses on the inner envelope.  Do not use “and family”.  If you are inviting children, list their names according to age under the parents’ names.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mark, Cynthia and Julia

If you are inviting a single person and wish to indicate that they may bring a date, use “and guest”.

Miss Jones and guest

For two unmarried guests who reside at the same address, list the woman’s name on the first line and the man’s name on the second line.

Miss Jones

Mr. Smith

For divorced women, etiquette calls for the use of the woman’s first name and their maiden name.

Mrs. Jane Smith

For widowed women, etiquette calls for the use of her deceased husband’s first and last name.

Mrs. John Smith

For clergy, military officers and medical doctors, make sure to use their full titles.

The Right Reverend Johnson

Doctor and Mrs. Smith

How many wedding books can I take out and how long can I keep them?

Wedding Invitations by Schank’s has an extensive collection of sample books ranging from unique to classic and from expensive to budget.  We allow brides and their families to take out 2 books at a time.  All books are asked to be returned in one week.

Is there a deposit to take Schank’s sample books out?

No.  All we require is a name, address, email and phone number.

When do I have to pay for my invitations?

When ordering from our store location, a 50% deposit is required to order.  The balance is paid when your order is completed.

For online orders, payment is required in full before your invitations will be printed.

How much postage will my Invitations require?

Most invitations do not mail at the normal USPS first class rate.  A good guesstimate on postage is around .60 each, because of the extra weight of the mail piece.  Some oddly shaped envelopes such as the larger square envelopes get mailed at a significantly higher rate (up to $1 or more each).  To get the USPS postage rate, you should assemble one and bring it to your local Post Office before you mail them.

Does Invitations by Schank’s offer addressing services?

Schank’s will address your invitations at an additional cost.  This can be done in a font to match your invitation.  Most of the time, our brides will go to a calligrapher that we have a relationship with.  Schank makes no money from the calligrapher, so you deal with them directly.  Please call about this calligraphy service.

Does Invitations by Schank’s offer invitation assembly services?

Schank’s will assemble your wedding invitations at an additional cost.  Cost varies per invitation set due to quantity and number of pieces to assemble.

What is included in a typical invitation set?

Invitations, outer envelopes, inner envelopes, reception cards, reply cards and reply envelopes.

Thank you Cards, Place Cards, Accommodation and Direction cards are also available.

Do I need to send out a save the date card?

Save the date cards aren’t necessary, but are recommended.  This is a way for your guests to clear their calendars and make sure that they can attend your special day.

When do I send out a Save the date Card?

Schank’s recommends sending out your save the date cards approximately 8 months before your wedding date.  This give people time to clear their schedules and make any travel plans or reservations necessary.

Do you sell Pocket Invitations?

Pocket Invitations are one of Invitations by Schank’s specialties.  We have made hundreds of brides happy with our extensive pocket collection.  Pocket invitations are becoming a standard for brides today.  Their presentation is timeless, chic and tasteful.

I need to plan a wedding on a lean budget.  Do you have suggestions on how I can stay within my budget?

•  Use seal and send invitations, which are very reasonable.
•  Buy value invitations that are printed on 2 sides.
•  Try to stay with the more simple/classic invitations.
•  Do your own assembly and addressing.
•  Ask for one our budget books!

What information is needed to order my invitations?

The basic information includes:

• The bride and groom’s full name, including their middle names
• The parents’ names of the bride (and sometimes the groom)
• The date of the wedding
• The time of the wedding
• The location of the wedding, including the address
• The time of the reception
• The name and address of the reception
• The date requested for RSVP
• The food choices (optional)
• The name and address for the Respond envelope

Do you sell envelope seals for my invitations?

Yes.  Envelope seals have become quite popular lately.  They can add a touch of elegance to any invitation.  They come in various colors and designs.

Do you sell programs, place cards, napkins and matches?

Yes, Schank’s offers a large line of wedding accessories including the items listed above.  To see our full catalogue come visit us or check our online catalogue(link).

What are your store hours?

Invitations by Schank’s is open Mon. through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  If you would like to schedule an appointment outside these hours, please call or email us (link).  We understand that people work during the day and will make every effort to accommodate your after-hour requests.