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Helpful Phrases for Starting and Developing a Professional Letter

Are you looking to entice a new lead or persuade a big client?

Business letters are an especially persuasive medium, especially printed letters. In this era, when digital communication is so prevalent, people sometimes forget the power of a traditional letter. When you want to pitch a sale, resolve a dispute, or propose a new partnership, a letter shows you are serious and sincere.

In many transactions, a letter is an official record, but it can be challenging to strike the right tone in your correspondence. The way you start or end a letter can make all the difference in how you come across.

Need some ideas to get you started? Here are a few helpful phrases:


  • Dear Mr. Smith
  • Dear Doctor Ernst
  • Dear Sir or Madam
  • Dear [Job Title Here] – e.g., Claims Adjustor, Recruiter, Account Supervisor
  • To Whom It May Concern
  • To our Valued ______
  • Hello David
  • Hello from Phoenix!

Inquiries and Introductory Phrases

  • It is our pleasure to inform you that
  • I am writing to confirm/request/inquire about . . .
  • Having seen your advertisement in . . .
  • I was recently reading about ______ and wanted to know _________
  • I received your contact from ______ and I would like to ___________
  • I recently heard ___________ and I was hoping to connect with you about ____________
  • Have you ever wondered about/needed/wanted to know ______________?


  • Please find enclosed  . . .
  • In this letter I am including a ___________ (estimate, catalog, proposal, brochure)
  • I would love to introduce you to ____, and I am including _____ for your review

Offering Future Assistance

  • If you require more information, please let us know
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance
  • We would be happy to provide a consult on _____________
  • I would love the opportunity to introduce you to _________

Referring to Future Contact

  • I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!
  • Thank you for your consideration!
  • We would appreciate your reply at your earliest convenience
  • I appreciate your immediate attention to this matter
  • We are looking forward to meeting you on January 21 in ______________
  • I will call on ______ to schedule a _________


  • Sincerely Yours
  • All the Best
  • Kind Regards
  • Respectfully
  • Yours in _____ (refer to industry)
  • We Appreciate Your Consideration
  • Thank You for Your Time

Pro Tip: Whether your letter is casual or formal, all introductory or sales letters should follow the AIDA principle (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). When you write a professional letter, your aim is to grab attention, compel people to keep reading, increase their desire to respond, and prompt them to action. 

Tell and Sale with This Winning Combination

If you want to grab attention with a powerful, relevant, engaging mailing, professionally printed enclosures can seal the deal.

There is an old saying in direct mail: the letter sells, but the brochure tells. In any direct mailing, combining a letter and brochure (or catalog) can be an especially potent combination.

Ready to get started? Save time and trouble by partnering with our experienced team! When it’s time to move forward, we’ll help you create stunning pieces that make your message shine. We’ll lighten your load by streamlining the entire process from initial formatting to direct mail packaging and delivery.

Contact us today for details!

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